Anime Weekend Atlanta 2000

I'm baaaack! On the whole, I'd have to say my first anime con was an...eventful experience. I got to meet some e-buds of mine...relax a while...spend waaaaay more money than I should have, and I took lots of pictures, like the ones you see below... Scroll down further to see my entire AWA Photo Gallery (a.k.a. The Freak Show...)




Note: Saki bottle and bags under eyes due to lack of sleep. I sure look like I'm having fun, don't I? (This picture shown here actually courtesy of my roomie, Syrena, whom I thank for letting me use it here...)

AA's AWA Photo Gallery

Just click on a thumbnail below to see the whole picture.

Ryoko and Washu

The Gals of FF VII

Fellow attendees:
Nathan, Dan, and the Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords, (Lookin' good in the yukata I made for her...)

Various and sundry cosplayers...

Queenie and myself a-strollin' through the Japanese Gardens at the Ravinia.

Little Ryo-oki,
and.... Lum?

The Two (X) Zels.

An incredibly accurate fascimile of Chibi Moon.

Fellow attendees:
Syrena, her pal Papi, and Nathan, again...

You thought Chibi Moon was scary? This Naga clone was unsettlingly close to the original in every way--, right down to the eardrum-shattering laugh!


That's all I got folks! Nothing more to see here... Move along....