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Inspired by Mr. T vs. Superman (The very first Mr. T vs. X site...)

From the author of Mr. T vs. Escaflowne

Lina, Gourry, Zel, and Amelia have faced off with bandits, dragons, wizards, monsters, and the darkest forces of the anime universe. Now they're in for the fight of their lives against their helluva toughest opponent ever! A mysterious, mohawked mazoku known only as the Dark Lord "T!"

Will Lina's furious Dragon Slave be enough to stop the T in his tracks? Will she manage to get her hands on his gold chains and add them to her pile of treasure? Or has the infamous bandit-killer and dragon-spooker finally met her match?

Well, step right up and click away foo ', cause it's " T time "


Our Story begins...

With our heroes kicking back for a well-deserved luxury vacation in the resort district of Seyruun. After months of battling bad guys, hunting for treasure, and saving the universe (destroying the odd city or two here and there in the process), Lina and the others are long overdue for some rest and relaxation.


 As usual, Zelgadis, the group's resident cynic, is the first to point out the dark lining hiding behind every silver cloud....


Zelgadis knows well the One Great Law of the Slayers Universe, which states that your worst enemies always manage to show up when you least expect them....Strangely enough, this law seems to hold doubly true for enemies you've already killed....

As our heroes are about to find out

Little do Lina and the others know that a dark figure from their past is hard at work, hatching the seeds of their destruction...An enemy they thought they had long since defeated, has risen from the ashes to take his revenge upon the Bandit-Killer and her companions ....

And just who is this mysterious, shadowy figure?


 Click here to find out, foo'!



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