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  WARNING!!!! This page is SPOILER INTENSIVE! Those who haven't seen the series in its entirety and would like to be surprised by it's many neat little twists and turns had best not proceed any further. That being said, ON WITH THE STORY!!!

The planet Gaea gets paid an unexpected visit by none other than '80's Action Hero and star of the A-Team, Mr. T! What fate will await him and his custom van here in this land of castles, dragons, and helluva cool transforming robots? Find out below, in an epic so vast, so sweeping, that it comes in three (count 'em THREE) parts. They are as follows:


After being summoned to the planet Gaea, thanks to Hitomi's psychic powers, Mr. T finds himself caught up in a conflict which threatens to tear this lush, fantastically animated world apart. Is the T tough enough to stand up to the evil forces of the Zaibach Empire?

In Part Two, Mr. T finds himself going straight up against Lord Dornkirk's soldiers and his evil Destiny-Altering Device. Can the T withstand a force as irresistible as Fate itself?

Unable to stop the Helluva tough One, Lord Dornkirk finally decides to throw the entire Zaibach Army at the T. When that fails, the old geezer threatens to unleash something even worse upon the world... Will Mr. T be able to stop this madman in time? Who will live? Who will die? Who will get thrown helluva far? The answers can only be found in the thrilling conclusion to this epic adventure!


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