Driver Education Computer Materials
from Joe Christensen

Signs Collection on the WWW

This file is designed to show signs so a driver education teacher can discuss specific signs.
Enter a number from the file Signs Collection from the DE Disk from JMC.
Step through the signs by clicking on the "+1" button. You can back up one sign at a time by clicking on the "-1" button.

Drag the lower right corner to fill the whole screen if necessary.

This system can be used without being connected to the Internet by purchasing the files on disk. After the files and a web server such as Netscape are installed on the computer the system works in a standalone method. Please specify Macintosh or PC format.

Start Signs Display!

WSDrive Drill on the WWW

Start WSDrive Drill!

This WWW page is designed to drill driver education students on facts needed to pass the Minnesota permit test.

Eventually over 400 questions will be available. For now a more limited number are in this experimental version.

This should work on Netscape 3.0 or higher with Javascript enabled.

Drag the lower right corner to fill the whole screen if necessary.

Teachers will assign IDs to students. I have used their three initials with few problems. The computer assigns a code. If a student must leave before completing the drill (400 questions in the future) clicking on "quit" gives a code to be entered the next time.

Unfinished parts include additional questions, comments along with right and wrong, storage of scores somewhere and minor bugs. Please assist in the program development by e-mailing any errors you encounter.

A disk of Driver Ed. files from JMC (For use with ClarisWorks on Macintosh computers.)
The files include:

  • Class List: The reports include:
    • Student List - In a couple formats
    • Blue cards - Individual or group
    • White cards - Ready to be signed
    • Mailing List
  • Crossword:
  • BTW Record:
  • First Worksheet:
  • Inclass Final:
  • Maneuver Notesheet:
  • Signs Collection:
  • Turns 1 and 2:

For more details click here!
WSDrive (A drill and practice program for use with HyperCard 2.x)
This HyperCard stack quizzes students on over 400 questions that prepare them for the permit test.

For more details click here!

To order a copy send $30.00 per disk to

Joe Christensen
38917 Timber Road
Avon, MN 56310

Schools may send a purchase order that will be paid when the disk is sent.

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