Driver Education Computer Disks
from Joe Christensen

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A disk of Driver Ed. files from JMC (For use with ClarisWorks)
This disk contains:

  • Class List: This is a database for storing data about your driver education students. You enter the data once and then you can print may different reports. These include:
    • Student List - In a couple formats
    • Blue cards - Individual or group
    • White cards - Ready to be signed
    • Mailing List
  • Crossword: This is a great starter activity for the first day as you get things settled down. Checking the answers introduces the basic concepts you will be covering.
  • BTW Record: This page has a place to gather the student data you need to know. It has space to record the student’s actions on the skills covered in each of six lessons. There is also a copy of the on the road test form so you can give you students a test like the examiner.
  • First Worksheet: This is a 225 statement worksheet with true/false, multiple choice and fill in the blank answers. Use this as an assignment for the first day and you have made the students read the manual well. After checking the answers this becomes a study guide for the permit test. The answers are provided in bold type that can be made plain before printing.
  • Inclass Final: These four tests are equivalent. The students who have passed this test in the past have shown that they are prepared to take and pass the examiner’s permit test. Four forms are provided so each student has a different form than their neighbor and on a retest.
  • Maneuver Notesheet: This note sheet will provide your students with information on how to correctly do the maneuvers you will be doing in behind the wheel. The directions are in white type on the disk so you can hand out a blank form. Just change the type to black to print a copy for the overhead. If you describe a maneuver differently, just edit the file.
  • Signs Collection: This is a collection of ClarisWorks clip art for about 100 different signs and diagrams you might wish to include in your own worksheets and tests.
  • Turns 1 and 2: These two worksheets quiz students on the various types of turns they will be meeting on the road. Students should use a mark as wide as a felt tip marker to show lane movements needed.
This set of materials should work on any Macintosh with ClarisWorks 2 or higher. It is a high density disk that cannot be read by the oldest disk drives but can be moved to other disks by a newer computer.

WSDrive (A drill and practice program for use with HyperCard 2.x)
This HyperCard stack quizzes students on over 400 questions that prepare them for the permit test. The stack should work with any Macintosh with HyperCard 2 player or program. This stack requires that the HyperCard program or player be set to 3000K. You can do this with the directions given or with assistance from your computer coordinator.

To order a copy send $30.00 per disk to

Joe Christensen
38917 Timber Road
Avon, MN 56310

Schools may send a purchase order that will be paid when the disk is sent.

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