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Jasper Stoneware Company
1430 29th Ave. N.E.
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
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Battle Of Little Big Horn - 125th Anniversary

A Working Tradition In Functional Pottery

Examples of my pottery works
Jasper's Stoneware + Porcelain Mugs
Coffee Mugs 
Jasper's Butter Dish + Creamer PiecesButter Dish and Creamer
Jasper's Batter Bowls
Batter Bowls 
Jaspers Stoneware Large Bowl
Large Platter 

All my work is handthrown, lead-free porcelain & stoneware pottery. 

I specialize in food preparation and serving vessels such as..... Pie pans, bowls, mugs, honey jars, platters, sugar creamer sets, spoon holders and full place dish settings. 

I use a Leach style foot-powered treddle wheel which adds character to each piece.  I also use a special decorating technique by applying YOUR custom logo on to the vessel. 

It can be applied the following ways . . Stamping on to wet clay

  • Stamping on to the bisque (pre-fired pot)
  • Ceramic Decals
  • Direct hand painted designs. 
My pottery work has been used as specialty gift items for all ocassions such as . . .  Cabin mugs, wedding platters, cookie jars trophies, small town on plates or crocks, teacher mugs, workplace mugs and church bazzar crocks. 

I also create historically correct, Early American Tradition peices such as crocks and jugs. All my pottery peices are fired in my studio gas car kiln.  Allow 6 weeks for delivery or as time permits. 

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