A lot of people are getting here from the URL from my .sig in email-- which is right after my title, "The Very Intelligent Pig." And you think you're going to find out why I'm called that if you come to my website. Until now, you were disappointed. Now, I give in.

I used to have a mini-rant here about online journals. Well, I hate 'em. So that's shorter.

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Douglas the Virtual Pig

Douglas the Virtual Pig brings you the New Vote!

I'm making this as easy as I can. You get two choices. Pick one, then hit the "vote" button. I don't see who you are-- I don't particularly care. Douglas is supposed to keep an eye on you so I don't have to be bothered by things like names, addresses, etc. (Actually, all he does is look intimidating. He doesn't care who you are, either.) I'm not selling this information-- once you see some of the votes, you'll understand this. This is purely for fun. You may vote with no fear that it will Turn Into Spam, or anything else.
Our first vote concerned Duke, seen here. The vote concerned his penguinicity, and in a very close and much-abused contest, the cheaters won. Final score: 42-50, deciding he was not a penguin. Fond regards to whoever was NOT the person who came every week and voted against. That is the sign of a malicious nature. You clearly did not trust your position and felt it needed reinforcement by re-voting every week. That's okay; I understand your insecurity. I think I know who you are, too. Not that it'll haunt you or anything.

Next vote: Is marriage, or indeed dating, worth it? Is life easier when you make your own decisions without consulting the spouse, or is the life-sized teddybear all it's cracked up to be? This is dedicated to all the cynics out there, of course. And for the purposes of this vote, yes, living together counts as marriage-or-dating.

Everyone's got an opinion on this one. So go on, then. Let it out. Let it all out.

Single by preference, married by force. Married and staying that way.

When I feel like it, I'll post a tally of the votes, and come up with a new subject. There are a lot of burning issues out there, and I intend to settle 'em all.

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