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Wings of Mercy provides opportunities for organizations or individuals to sponsor a flight or flight series for needy patients. Today the average mission costs $1000. Every dollar donated is Adopt-A-Flight No823 worth three in services as volunteers contribute their time as pilots, nurses, staff, and for other needs. Fuel is typically a third of the expense. Details of sponsored flights can be made available to sponsors, though patient names may need to be kept confidential if requested.

The Wings of Mercy Adopt-A-Flight program makes it possible to help pay mission costs one flight at a time. Please consider supporting our pilots, nurses and staff who are donating their time every week to support needy beneficiaries.

Our pilots not only donate their time and skill but also the use of their airplanes. In today's tough economic times, the cost of maintaining an airplane is higher than ever. For our patients and their escorts, there is never a charge for the mission. Your generosity can make it happen.Adopt-A-Flight No823

Please consider becoming a sponsor today. You will receive full acknowledgement of your contribution, and we genuinely enjoy recognizing our sponsors in many ways: in our newsletters; on-line; and at special events. More importantly, when sponsoring a flight through Adopt-A-Flight, you will literally be changing and in some cases saving lives. Remember, because our pilots donate the use of their aircraft, time, expertise, and sometimes even fuel, Wings of Mercy is able to return $3 in service for every $1 donated.

Rest assured that your contribution through sponsorship directly supports the operation of Wings of Mercy and incrementally provides an investment in the future of our organization through the endowment campaign to insure the stability and future of Wings of Mercy.

Contributions or gifts to the Wings of Mercy organization are tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Wings of Mercy, Minnesota, Inc. was established and incorporated as a 501(c)3 charitable organization in January of 1995.
We can accept any amount over $10 through a safe and secure online donation. JustGive.org is a web-based charitable giving tool that ensures your privacy. Their secure server protects your financial information and safely transfers your credit card donation. Your name and other information will never be sold, traded, or given over to any other group. Click here to donate to Wings of Mercy through JustGive.org.

An amount of $1000 or more will sponsor a full flight through Wings of Mercy. Please help contribute to our efforts and be a part of the lives of those in need. Donate and you can make a difference today.


Wings of Mercy | PO Box 1921 | Maple Grove, MN 55311
WingsOfMercyMN.org | 1-(800)-98-MERCY
Email: Kate Ritzer, Outreach Director

Adopt-A-Flight # 823: Dalton suffers from severe epilepsy. Ms. Judith West sponsored his flight from St. Paul MN to Bismark ND
Adopt-A-Flight # 797: Taylor Strand, a teenage 3rd degree burn victim onboard. Dura Supreme Corp. sponsored this roundtrip flight from Anoka MN to Cincinnati OH.
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